lørdag den 24. september 2005

From Ørestad to Islandsbrygge

We started from Islandsbrygge Station. The idea was that we would follow the metro out to Ørestad in order to look at some of the buildings that are on their way or have already been erected. We had both come without a camera, but realised that it was important to document the area right now, while it is still under construction.

The second time I took the train out to Ørestad Station.

This time I would experience the route on a brilliant autumn day. I started at the M-house, which was recently built by the architectural firm PLOT. The M-house seems to have got its name from the form of the house from a bird’s eye view. One side of the house consists mainly of windows, through which one can look into the apartments, which are on either one or two floors.

The house is a backdrop for a film that hasn’t been made yet. There is a scene in this film that is very reminiscent of a scene in Jac Tati’s film Play Time. There are a number of backdrops in the film and a number of scenes that are played at the same time in the various glass boxes. The ant-humans are busy with the small trivialities of everyday life.

The camera is ready, but only all too late do I discover that the battery is almost dead. Fuck, all the way out to Ørestad to take pictures – once again the picture section is postponed.

All the same I decide to continue my way back to the city on foot.

The walk was made on 24/09/05 and 16/10/05 by Nis Rømer and Pia Rönicke.