søndag den 5. august 2007

Tømmergraven, Skibbroen, Sydhavn

The next walk will be in a corner of Sydhavn that contains small pockets in which time has stood still with old industrial enterprises in the midst of what is at present one of the city’s most active building areas.

Meeting-point: The roundabout at the end of Fisketorvet.

Date and time: Sunday, 5 August, 3 pm.

The first thing we saw after we went round the corner from the shopping centre was a trailer park of motorhomes. A nice detail was the way in which the concrete pigs had been domesticated by impregnated wooden fences.

We met Hartmut, who has a houseboat moored there, and heard from one of the other residents how land prices had shot up, about how the Port of Copenhagen has sold most of the waterside sites and is doing very little to ensure that there will be a lively harbour environment, and about how ownership rights to the waterside properties are rather complicated.

A little further out we saw this well trimmed lawn with a tower of refuse in the background from Uniscrap..

And a slightly more authentic trailer park atmosphere...

The view says something about the fact that this is where it’s at if one enjoys looking at cranes.

Even before we reached the graffiti wall, we could smell the spray paint – there was a lot of activity.

The soil is polluted everywhere out here, but it must be one of the most beautiful flowering meadows in the middle of Copenhagen.