søndag den 3. februar 2008

The scene of the crime

From the Olsen Gang movies and up to the present Sydhavn is often presented in the media as a murky and crime-ridden location. The walk brought us to a number of crime scenes. Sonja Lillebæk Christensen and Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen led us around in the Sydhavn of reality and fiction.

Meeting-point: Sydhavnsgade 28

(also the entrance from Borgmester Christiansensgade 55)

2450 Sydhavn SV.

Date and time: Sunday, 3 February, 11 am.

The picture above shows us the external gallery of the building in which the man suspected of killing Nana Birch Larsen in the TV series Forbrydelsen [The Crime] lived and from which he later fled from the police in the last episode.

The shed in which a young man tortured a young woman for 9 days. In connection with this horrifying story it was claimed in the media that it took place in Sydhavn in order to intensify the horror.

A tattered piece of material may have been an indication that some one had climbed over or tried to escape.

We continued the tour past, among other places, the allotment society Mozart, where members of the Blekinge Gang are alleged to have stayed – and on to the harbour, where Mappedyret [The Briefcase Animal] could just keep its head above water.

We ended at Sydhavnens Havnegrill, here Pia, Sonja and Christian.