lørdag den 25. februar 2006

Fields and the Common

...Via Center Boulevard one can come to Indvej, and perhaps all the way to Skydebanevej. The Home Guard and perhaps the army have a firing range and an explosives-testing area here. And then there is the refuse dump. By the seashore there is a good view of Tippen. And then there are plans for golf courses and more homes. Among other things, there may be a couple of 80-meter high apartment blocks, which Copenhagen Airport is strongly opposed to. But it appears that there will be more of that sort of thing from Fields in the direction of West Amager; some of the buildings there are Telia’s and other server buildings. Unfortunately we probably won’t be able to get in there – it looks pretty fantastic, a server room. Amager beach is in the other direction, but it is a very long walk on the other side of Kalvebod Common with a fantastic bird watch tower. Well, we can go out there if we want some natural surroundings.

Meeting-point: Ørestad Station.

Date and time: Saturday, 25 February 2006, 11 pm.

Shopping as a state of nature seems to be the underlying agenda at Fields (the shopping centre). We looked for signs of personal modifications or otherwise unintended behaviour in the centre, but found very little: a mannequin with trousers half-way down.

We found quite different traces of frivolity on the Common. In summer one often sees naked men and women come out of the bushes on the Common. There’ll be less room for that after a golf course has been built on a large part of the area. Perhaps, when that happens, one could introduce homogolf out of respect for the history of the place.