lørdag den 27. maj 2006

By kayak round Prøvestenen

Fences and entry forbidden signs couldn’t be allowed to stop us, so we rented a couple of kayaks and set out to row round Prøvestenen. Since Prøvestenen is used to receive big tankers bringing oil to Copenhagen and for deposits of ”lightly polluted soil”, the placing of Amager Strandpark just next to it is fairly unique. The channel on the Amager side is so shallow that once can almost wade through it, but the kayaks could just slip through. A huge sewage pipe under the road out to Prøvestenen (which can be seen on the map) leaves room to pass underneath and into the industrial port, from which coal, among other things, is shipped into Copenhagen. The first section has a wealth of birdlife. Over on Prøvestenen we could see caravans and scrapped vehicles along the waterside as if there were people living there. Out in the Sound the waves got higher and we rowed between industrial installations and piers, the function of which we could only guess at. The outermost part had just been completed – a huge pier with rectangular yellow pontoons every ten meters presented a surrealistic mooring for oil tankers and other ships. The windmills further out and the planes landing and taking off in Kastrup contributed to the freaky atmosphere.

Rowed by Pia Rönicke and Nis Rømer.