torsdag den 29. juni 2006

Vestamager and mobile organic gardens

The next walk will be a dusk tour on Thursday, 29 June 2006. We shall start at 8.30 pm from the Vestamager metro station. Here we shall visit Ørestad’s mobile organic gardens and have a look at what else is going on in the district. The walk will end at Islands Brygge, where from the 13th floor at the top of a converted concrete silo one can get a view over the whole of Copenhagen, see the sun setting and giving a pink hue to Kødbyen’s white buildings from the Thirties, see the neon advertisements on City Hall Square emerge and catch a glimpse of Barsebäck’s grey silhouette if one so wishes. For the same reason: remember to bring binoculars!

The walk is organised together with Netværk for social og politisk kunst i offentlige rum [Network for Social and Political Art in Public Space].

Vestamager is the end station on the metro line, and in the tradition for planning urban development with infrastructure the district will be densely built up in years to come. We saw the mobile organic gardens, where 99 lots can be rented for 200 kroner a year each. Every year the soil is harrowed, and the gardens are redistributed and can then be moved in step with the development of Ørestad.

We continued to "Hein Heinsen’s Square", a sculpture that the Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Visual Arts has funded together with two other sculptures in Ørestad, all created by elderly Danish men.

The sculpture stands where the town ends and establishes a radical difference. In as much as it also resembles something that has been dropped out of the sky, it adds a new dimension to the concept of drop sculpture.

The Common is still one of the most unique free areas in Copenhagen. However, the Avedøre Power Station puts things in perspective and ensures that one does not feel brought back to the Golden Age of Danish painting.

The meeting between different kinds of housing, the natural surroundings and the city is one of Amager’s greatest qualities.

We ended on the roof of a silo by the waterfront, which has now been converted into apartments, one of the few places from which one has a view over the city.

Walked by:
Karen Lisbeth Kristoffersen and Hanne Lindstrøm from Netværk for social og politisk kunst i offentlige rum, Rikke Luther, Alec Due and Nis Rømer